PCB Reverse Engineering Services

Prototype PWB Reverse Engineering


Should-cost of PWB Reverse Engineering:

Data development of PWB reverse engineering. Should-cost data may be developed using actual quotations from suggested sources of supply developed during the procurement process.

Actual costs and schedules of PWB reverse engineering,  The reverse engineering PWB cost estimate and schedule (see. 5.11) should be updated to reflect the actual costs and schedules resulting from the production review.

Results of PWB reverse engineering. The candidate file should be updated to include the results of the production review.

Prototype production of PWB reverse engineering:

Prototype production objective of PWB reverse engineering. Prototype production involves the manufacture and testing of the prototype to determine if it meets all required specifications.

Sub-contracting of PWB reverse engineering. All prototype manufacturing should be sub-contracted to prove the adequacy of the preliminary TDP. When assembly and testing procedures are part of the technical data package, the entire assembly should be completed. Testing that is not a normal function of the manufacturing industry may be sub-contracted.

Record maintenance of PWB reverse engineering. A record should be maintained of all subcontractor requests for waiver or deviation, and the cognizant engineer should review all such requests. All discussions with the vendors should include participation by the cognizant contracts or procurement personnel.

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