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Plastic Injection Molding Design Process

Plastic Injection Molding Design shall be in accordance with the following steps:

A: Plastic Product Analysis:

1. Clear plastic parts design requirements
We will provide plastic products, parts diagram and BOM List, take plastic products type, plastic parts shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and other aspects into consideration to analyze the feasibility and economic of Injection molding design process, if necessary, discussion should be held with molding designers for types of plastic materials and the possibility of structural change.

2. Clear the production quantity of plastic parts
When it comes to small batch production, in order to reduce costs, mold must be as simple as possible; for mass production, on the premise of ensure the quality of plastic parts, we will maximize the use of a multi-cavity or high-speed automated production to reduce production cycle, increase productivity.


3. Calculate the volume and quality of plastic parts

Calculation of the volume and quality of plastic parts is use for selection of Plastic injection molding machine, improve equipment utilization and determine the number of the mold cavity.


B:  Plastic injection molding machine selection
According to the size or weight of plastic parts can roughly determine the structure of the initial model then determine the selection of plastic injection molding machine, collect information about plastic injection molding machine and technical parameters of related mold design, such as: locating ring diameter of plastic injection molding machine, the front aperture and the spherical radius of the nozzle, the largest injection capacity, the amount of clamping force, injection pressure, fixed and mobile template size and location of mounting holes, injection molding machine tie-rod spacing, the thickness of closure, opening stroke, the top travel and so on.


C: Calculation of plastic injection molding design
1. Concave, convex mold parts work size calculation;
2. Determine the thickness of cavity wall and floor;
3. Mold heating and cooling system identification;

D: Plastic injection molding design:

1. Plastic molding parting line location and selection;

2. Determine the number of the mold cavity, the cavity flow arrangement, layout;
3. Mechanical design of the mold working part;
4. Side of the sub-type and core-pulling mechanical design;
5. Ejector mechanism design;
6. Selection of form of pull rod material;
7. Exhaust design;


E: Calibration of plastic injection molding machine parameters:
1. Verification of maximum injection volume;
2. Verification of Injection pressure;
3. Verification of clamping force;
4. Verification relevant dimension among Plastic injection molding and machine installation, including the closure height, opening stroke, mold base mounting dimensions and other aspects related to size and dimension.

F: Drawing of plastic injection molding structure and parts:

The total mold drawing must meet national standards for mechanical drawing, painting way make no big difference compare with general mechanical principle, just to express more clearly the shape of the plastic parts in the molding, gate location set, from the top view drawing of total figure, can remove fixing parts and keep only the dynamic parts top view drawing.
Mold assembly diagram should include the necessary size, such as mold closed size, shape size, feature size (and the positioning of the injection molding machine with the ring size), assembly size, the limit size (moving parts from the starting to ending point) and the technical conditions, the preparation of schedules and other parts.
Usually the main working parts processing cycle is longer with higher precision, it should be first drawn with great care, and the remaining components should follow standard parts.


G: Comprehensive review before mass manufacturing:
Plastic injection molding designer should generally be involved in processing, assembly, test mode; product design staff will review the test items, approve it and then can proceed to mass production stage.

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