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PCB Reverse Engineering Tools


PCB Reverse Engineering will require  a set of tools to complete the job, so it is important that adequate hardware be available as early as possible to develop the necessary data through reverse engineering process. The number of parts required varies greatly with the complexity of the part and the testing requirements. The quantity of tools required for pcb reverse engineering should be determined depending upon complexity and risk assessment. Such as high frequency product, and its PCB will always has high frequency inductor which will need professional device to detect the value and specification and the manufacture prototype. Consideration should be given to the possible destruction of an item during disassembly and material analysis. Whenever possible, only new items from inventory should be used as it is difficult to establish performance criteria or tolerances on used parts. The use of new items from inventory precludes the pcb reverse engineering process from resulting in an unsuitable part, due to existing defects. It may be necessary at times, to obtain the tools from other sources such as field units or commercially available items direct from the vendor.

As an dedicated service provider for PCB Reverse Engineering, Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd has a bunch of professional tools and hardwares which will help our customer obtain high level of satisfactory over their project.

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