PCB Reverse Engineering Services

PCB Reverse Engineering Service Cost-Estimate


PCB Reverse Engineering is a customized service so the cost of it could vary in a wide variety, most of these estimates were based on a best guess, at the time, without benefit of hardware availability. PCB reverse engineering cost estimation should base upon the complexity of the item, for example, as customer should understand, the single side or double sided pcb reverse engineering will definitely much easier than multilayer pcb reverse engineering, additional, pcb line width and space could also play a important part when define the complexity level of reverse engineering process, if has BGA and how many BGA the PCB has,  and the number of piece-parts/components involved, and the higher end of product application, the harder to research the parts/components assembled on the PCB. The total effort involved is dependent upon the technical data available versus the amount of data to be developed.




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