PCB Reverse Engineering Services

Duplicate PCB


A sample Cost-Estimating Guide after PCB Duplication is base upon several important factors include complexity level of pcb manufacture procedure, because the higher layer count, the more will be costed to manufacture it; second point refers to the part list, the more obscure and/or advanced of these parts, the higher cost it will take, during process MOQ (minimum order quantity) could be another headache problem for project leader since some parts you have to order hundreds or even thousands but you need maybe only several piece of them. PCB reverse engineering could become the less expensive process at this moment and finally, the most expensive and important part of produce a sample through data obtain from PCB duplication is PCBA  functionality test according to customer provided documents, requirement or any instruction book. etc. These are only guidelines and most data was derived during the trial program; however, the estimates for drawing preparation, producibility studies and quality control reviews are based on years of experience.

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