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Refers to PCB copy software, whether a software is good or not, it is mainly depends on whether the function is complete or not, it is best to have all the work done within the software which will effectively increase the efficiency, include complete component library.

Protel 99SE can be viewed as a very outstanding one due to its component library is abundant, furthermore, it can download and upgrade the library from internel simutaneously to keep it updated consistently. This is very critical since the era of hand-drawing component when copy pcb has already passed, especially for those component with BGP package would cost far more than establishing library from the network automaticly.


In order to ensure the whole circuit system can be reliable and stable, designer should have large area of copper connect to POWER or GROUND layer which can decrease the impact of circuit noise and interference, so it will refers to the copper circuit network establishment issue. For a pcb circuit board with extreme complicate network, there are lots of area need to be isolated or be connected, so we have to difine the network segment of different area and follow the principle as CONNECT SAME NETWORK segment & ISOLATE DIFFERENT NETWORK segment, just simply add copper into different network segment will cause short circuit easily.

Currently the most popular pcb copy software in the market is PROTEL 99SE, the other is QUICKPCB 2005 Ver 3.0 plus some other colorful pcb copy softwares. Protel 99SE is a kind of EDA design software which is applicable by operating system like WINDOW 9X/2000/NT, it has design library management system, it can instruct networking design and coordination, has very strong data exchange capabilities, and 3D model simulation capabilities, a 32-bit design software, you can complete the circuit schematic design, printed circuit board layout and programmable logic device design, etc., can be designed up to 32 signal layers, 16 power supply – ground layers and 16 machining layers.

The operation of QUICKPCB 2005 Ver 3.0 is in line with the majority of designers operating practices, can greatly enhance the efficiency of pcb copy, 1st time pcb copy passing rate can be further guaranteed.

Software features:
Place the pads, holes, lines, arcs, vias, components, FILL, POLYGON, text;
The element attribute settings, grid settings;
Automatically capture the CTRL key element of the grid with the center;
SHIFT key to select, to select, cut, copy, delete, rotate, mirror and repeat functions;
32 level set function, Zoom;

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