PCB Reverse Engineering Services

PCB Clone’s Value


Printed circuit board Clone‘s value has been proved over the last decade of development of this technology, some people has ever hold this kind of illusion: if research and develop a consummer product need to spend 2 years, then after this process has been done by other great weight competitor, the small and medium size company who intend to produce this consumer product will need to spend extra 2 years to do the research and development, during these 2 years they can only sell other competitor’s products, which means their product could be 4 years later than their competitors whose brand and market share has been established and extended in the relatively less competitive market.

However, if the application of reverse engineering technology such as pcb clone or ic crack, when the launch of this new product, we can promptly keep pace with the new PCB research and integrate new functions and features to these products. Through this our market share and product brand can be set up sooner and have chance to compete with other producers.

Nowadays, PCB clone technology has been extended to different sectors which include medical device, communication terminal, electronics, industrial control, meter, broadcast, automobile, home appliance as well as security product.

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