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In order to minimize the impact on the PCB Board Clone, ADC time clock source must have very low time setting oscillation or phase noise. If the sectors won’t be taken into account when choosing time clock circuits, then systematic motivated features won’t be excellent. And it is not related to the fixed oscillation features in the frontend analog input circuit’s quality or transformer. Precise time clock can always provide the edge switch in the accurate time separation when PCB Board Clone.

As a matter of fact, time clock can achieve within the same continually changing time cycle. As a result of that, the uncertainty of the time setting can evaluate the wave shape signal noise ratio comprehensively through using data changing process;

The maximum time clock vibration is formulated by beneath terms:

Tj(rms)=(VIN(p-p) /VINFSR)×(1/(2(N+1)×π×fin)

Presumed input voltage (VIN) is equal to ADC standard scope (VINFSR), then the vibration request can change ADC resolution (N bits) and applied input frequency (fin) element, as for 70 Mhz input frequency, the total vibration request is Tj(rms)=1× (1/215π×70×106)) Tj(rms)=140fs;

Since most of the systems can distribute the reference clock through backplane or other connection when PCB Board Clone, and it will deteriorate the signal quality, as a result of that, normally use the machine oscillactor as the ADC timer source. Use LMX2531 time clock to constitute generation made by NS company.

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