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Electronic PCB Card Replicating Differential Line Design Rules

When applying the strip line layout from electronic pcb card replicating, signal will be clamped between the FR-4 materials, in the micro-strip, the copper conductor is exposed in the air. Since the minimum level of dielectric constant of the air is Er=1, so layout the critical signal lines on the top layer when electronic pcb card replicating is most applicable, such as the time clock signal, or high frequency SERial-DESerial signal. Micro-line must decouple with the beneath ground layer, and the ground plane can decrease the electro-magnetic interference from absorb part of the electro-magnetic field. In the strip line, all of the electronic magnetic field decoupling to the reference plane on the upside and downside, which can effectively and greatly decrease the electro-magnetic interference after electronic pcb card replicating. If it is possible, designer should not use the wide width strap line to layout the PCB. Since this structure can easily to be affected by the differential noise from the reference surface. Besides, the balance of electronic pcb card manufacturing is another difficult subject to control, all in all, control the line space on the same layer is easier.

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