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Duplicate PCB Board Loop Area

In the process of duplicate pcb board, Use separated grounding and power supply ground can eliminate the loop area issue while minimize the radiation effects. It will allow output and revert current to get close to each other as much as they can and reduce the impact of Radio frequency interference against electro-magnetic interference to the minimum level after duplicate pcb board. However, the bilateral placement of the components is very important, mutual analog and digital revert current route can generate digital noise in the analog circuits. As we all know, high frequency or high electrical rate signal must be careful to the high resistance, even in the plane ground must keep the analog circuit and digital circuit revert current separately when duplicate pcb board;

Designer must pay attention to the adjacent effect which cause output and revert current to get close to each other as much as possible. Use very deliberate component placement and all of the circuits tracks solution include power supply line to select the routes after duplicate pcb board, it can control the returning current route from the plane ground. Current revert flowing from ground will run through various output trace. As a result of that, keep a certain distance among analog and digital revert route is possible.

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