PCB Reverse Engineering Services

3D Reverse Engineering Introduction

3D REVERSE ENGINEERING as a new concept of product development which 3D measurement, computer-aided design, rapid prototyping and other high-technologies, Apply 3D reverse engineering scanner as a source, instruct high precision 3D REVERSE ENGINEERING SCANNING on industrial samples, prototype and model, collect the 3D profile data, combined with dedicated REVERSE ENGINEERING SOFTWARE for 3D reconstruction and prototype engineering.

3D reverse engineering scanner uses the latest optical, mechanical and electronic technology for fast, accurate measurement of 3D object data, to fully meet the needs of various types of 3D measurement. Machine uses an advanced embedded control systems and precision motion stable mechanical platforms, provide fast, accurate positioning of the movement.
Base upon NON-contact optical measurement principle, the computer system in real time acquisition, display and record 3D data. Measurement results can be a variety of popular file formats to CAD software (UG, SURFACER, PRO / E, etc.) to produce digital model. All of these files can be transferred to the post-processing software to achieve 3D model checking, quality control, 3D measurement and other functions.
3D reverse engineering scanner provide a good tool for 3D scanning, product development, structural design, precision measurement and quality inspection.


Circuit Engineering Company Limited provide a complete 3D Reverse Engineering services using the latest technologies combined with traditional skills for a wide range of industries. By integrating our traditional skills with the latest technologies, we can offer clients a comprehensive portfolio of product development services all under one roof. For more details please contact our customer service team.