PCB Reverse Engineering Services

General Principle of Replicate Printed Circuit Board

When Replicate Printed circuit board, electronic components must be line up on the same orientation, through the selection of orientation when Printed circuit board entering soldering wave oven system can decrease or even avoid the inferior soldering phenomenon; according to the expectation that minimum distance between components must be 0.5mm to satisfy the soldering requirement for Replicate Printed circuit board, if the space on the PCB is sufficient after Replicate Printed circuit board, the distance between the components must be as wide as possible. Refers to the double side Printed circuit board replicate, the surface mount device side and surface mount component side will be on the composite side;

The notice in the Component Layout:

First we need to ensure the locations of Printed circuit board with other Printed circuit board or system interface after Replicate Printed circuit board, and must pay attention to the connection point among all other components (such as the orientation of component, etc).

Since the size of portable Printed circuit board is small, the layout of electronic components are very tight after Replicate Printed circuit board, consequently those components with big size must be taken into account in priority to confirm their related locations to consider the mutual cooperation issue.

Replicate Printed circuit board must analyze the circuit structure, and process the circuit pattern in different blocks (such as high frequency amplifying circuit, mixed frequency and other demodulator circuit) after Replicate Printed circuit board, separate the strong current signal and weak current signal as much as possible, separate the digital signal circuit and analog signal circuit from Replicate Printed circuit board, the circuits block with same function must be layout in the certain scope of area after finalization of Replicate Printed circuit board, and reduce the signal cycle area; wave filtering networking from various part of circuits which can not only reduce the radiation, but also decrease the possibility of interference after Replicate Printed circuit board, and increase its capability to resist the circuit interference.

Grouping the process of Replicate Printed circuit board according to the level of sensitivity against electronic-magnetic compatibility on the unit circuit. Refers to the components which are most susceptible to the interference in the circuit after Replicate Printed circuit board, they must be layout to avoid the interference source on the circuit, such as the interference from CPU on the data processing Printed circuit board.