PCB Reverse Engineering Services

Printed Circuit Board Repairs Inspection Flow

Printed Circuit Board Repairs:

Step 1: Ask customer about the breakerdown appearances of damaged electronic device as well as on-site situation;

Step 2: Analyse the root cause of breakdown according to customer description;

Step 3: Dissemble device and clean it thoroughly; confirm the components being damaged and then assess the feasibility of can-be REPAIR;

Step 4: Analyse the circuit schematic diagram according to the location of damaged components, find out the root cause of components being damaged and prevent similar situations happen again;

Step 5: Communicate with customers about the components list that need to be replaced, collect comment from customer, start Repairing after receipt of customer confirmation on quote;

Step 6: Repair service include eliminate the existing problems and faults, replace obselete or damaged components, clean the entire device thoroughly and required maintenance;

Step 7: Instruct SIMULATIVE LOAD TEST after repairing process finish, once pass the test will send to customer for further on-site testing.