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For PCB Reverse Engineering software, PROTEL 99se is a CAD software launch in the end of 1980 which is the first choice as PCB Reverse Engineering Software. PROTELL 99se is being used in domestic market early and the population rate is high. Some university and colleague even install course for the study and research on this software. Almost all the electronic design company will apply it. It was used as automatic routing tools for printed circuit board at the early stage which is run under DOS system and has low requirement on the hardware. If there is only electronic schematic diagram and PCB design function, then the automatic routing success rate could be low. Now PROTEL has already developed to PROTEL 99se which is a huge EDA software, it include schematic diagram drawing, analog circuit and digital circuit combination signal simulation, multilayer circuit board design, programmable logic semiconductor design, drawing generation and etc.

Whether all the jobs can be done completely within the same software is an critical element to judge if it is good for PCB Reverse Engineering, for this point PROTEL 99se can be viewed a good choice because two reasons:

1 It is component library is rich and can be downloaded from internet freely;

2 Define the network grid is required to spread the copper on the circuit drawing, for complicate Printed circuit board, there is lots of connection and separation on the copper area.

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