PCB Reverse Engineering Services

PCB Reverse Engineering from China

As a result of the PCB reverse engineering from China, product improvements or value engineering changes may be recommended. These alternatives may be considered during the pcb reverse engineering process and may be incorporated prior to completion of the process. Circuit Engineering Co., Ltd can suggest the best way for your pcb modification after reverse engineering process finish, the most commonly recommended changes include change the pcb assemble method from DIP to SMT (surface mount technology) which can help you save a lot of cost on the assembling process after pcb manufacturing finished, at the same time, it could be more convenience for you to choose the right components with more familiar package from your database of pcb board layout engineer, as well as the component substitute due to the long lasting and some of them already phased out from the market or very difficult to purchase. All of these changes will greatly save your time and energy, shorten your whole project required time frame.

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