PCB Reverse Engineering Services

PCB Replication


PCB Reverse engineering need to experience the phase of data collecton,  the purpose of the Data Collection is to secure all the unrestricted documentation available, to preclude unnecessary duplication and to facilitate the development of technical documentation through pcb replication process. The following data is desirable:

a. Next higher assembly, which provides information on input/output parameters, mating parts, end-use, etc;

b. Specifications, such as part specification include PCB, resistor, capacitor and different kinds of integrated circuit; Test Specifications include the pcb bare board inspection, in-circuit testing after pcb assembly; Acceptance Test Procedures, Purchase Descriptions, etc;

c. Parts list/data list, which identifies all parts and indicates if they are standard National Stock Numbers (NSNs), Military Standard (MIL-STD) parts, etc. The Data List should indicate the applicable drawings and specifications necessary and provide valuable information on specifications that should be researched to remove restrictive requirements; At the same time, part list should include all the information about phase out or upgraded parts;

d. Schematic diagram obtain from replicate PCB gerber file or PCB Layout, which provide basic information for the Physical Configuration Audit (PCA), verify the parts list, and save time in tracing circuitry (i.e., Printed Circuit Board (PCB) wiring diagram);

e. Next lower assembly, which identifies interfaces, input/output parameters, mating parts, etc.

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