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What kind of product is feasible for Printed circuit Board Clone technology, from other point of view, what industry is involved in the PCB Cloning field, frankly speaking, because of technical capability difference of each PCB cloning service provider, the range of service catalog could be varied widely, the most commonly industry being covered include:

1 Instrument PCB Cloning catagories:

High-frequency signal generator, power generator, low frequency signal generator, high-precision instrument panel and digital pulse frequency meter, frequency meter analog, counter, counter spread spectrum devices, time measuring instruments, special counters, frequency standards, frequency calibration phase comparison apparatus, network test instrument, the network of radar, integrated tester, microwave power amplifiers, microwave equipment, microwave attenuators, microwave filters, communications measuring instruments;

2 Communication PCB Cloning categories:
PHS, GSM phones, CDMA mobile phones, wireless modules, GPS vehicle tracking device, cable set-top boxes, terrestrial set-top boxes, satellite broadcasting set-top box;

3 Network PCB Cloning type:

Server motherboard, switch board, wireless router, eight video card, VPN, wireless network card, Internet phone, VOIP gateway, high-end computer motherboard board, high-end fiber optic network switches motherboard, network routers, wireless base stations and terminals motherboard, SDH, DWDM, LAN SWITCH, ADSL, high-end computing equipment, fiber board, network routing, driver board, the end product, network hard disk, and network cameras, SCSI inverter card;

4 Consumer PCB Cloning Products:

MP3 / MP4 / MP5, digital learning machine, mobile hard disk box, multimedia hard disk player, portable DVD, game peripheral, multimedia, home theater, car DVD, TV, auto control board, USB, digital cameras, hand-held RF radio;

5 Industrial Control PCB Cloning type:

Security monitoring equipment, industrial motherboards, UPS, industrial power supply, industrial control board, Embroidery machine control panel, image monitors, cutting panels, SMT industrial control panels, machine control panels, inverters, industrial control switching power supply, industrial boiler conductivity controller, industrial control, MCU, electromagnetic heating control cabinet, General engraving machine.

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