PCB Reverse Engineering Services

PCB Clone’s Legal Issue


Printed Circuit Board Clone is belong to the scope of reverse engineering technology, from the birthday of this concept, it is always being viewed as one of the most controversial subjects, reverse engineering technology is playing an extremely important role in the integrated circuit industry, almost every countries in this world are applying this technology to get better knowledge of their competitor products, if this kind of action being strictly prohibited will only damage the development of integrated circuit industry.

So the legislation of each country view pcb clone as exception of copyright violation. Clone pcb under the purpose of study, analysis and comment the concept, technology of printed board layout, circuit and logic structure, component placement and apply the analytic evaluation on the creative printed circuit board layout design isn’t within the scope of copyright violation.

Circuit Engineering Co., Ltd will require customer strictly obey the related rules and laws, Also will sign non-disclosure agreement for the safety of these files after pcb reverse engineering service.

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