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PCB Clone Accuracy


As we all know, clone a pcb must scan its image, so high DPI makes lots of sense in the scanning image, but DPI can’t set too high to undertake by computer because the higher the DPI value, the larger image it will have after scanning, so the DPI value had better being set according to the density of pcb;

2nd is the tolerance of scanner, it is almost impossible to find a scanner exempt of any tolerance, and most of scanners will have tolerance in one orientation, sometimes will have two orientations, but all of these tolerances can’t be found by human eye even load and check by PHOTOSHOP, so generally speaking if the pcb line width or space is within MIL could be very difficult to find these tolerances;

The last thing comes to the processing of scanning pictures, operators without sufficient care will usually cut out more or less several millimeters and it could be a real problem for subsequent pcb clone especially double side pcb or multilayer pcb;

Summary all the points above we can conclude the selection of pcb clone software must take these points into consideration like whether or not cutting pictures is required, whether or not the adjusting functions for scanning tolerances is possessed, as well as the layer alignment functions.

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