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PCB Circuit Card Replicating Layout Notes

Pcb circuit card Replicating should not too wide, otherwise the track which connect the solder pad to layout from and the tracks must keep as much distance as possible with other components, to avoid the short cut; and through hole shouldn’t drawing on the components when Pcb circuit card Replicating, to avoid the cold soldering, connected soldering or short circuit, etc. in the radio frequency PCB Circuit Card Replicating Layout Notes, the correct layout for power supply line and ground line is extremely important, and rational design is one of the most important methods to tackle the electro-magnetic interference. There are a lot of interference sources when Pcb circuit card Replicating are generated from the power supply and ground line, amist the ground line has the greatest interference on it.

The main reason why Ground line is more likely to generate the electro-magnetic interference in the process of Pcb circuit card Replicating is because the impedance exist on it. When current flow through it, it will give rise to the voltage on the ground line which can cause the cycle current on it and form the loop interference on the ground line. When there are multiple circuits share the same ground line, it will form the common impedance coupling which will cause the ground noise from PCB Circuit Card Replicating Layout Notes. As a result of that, for the radio frequency Pcb circuit card Replicating ground line layout, please noted below points:

1, first of all, the circuit layout must be processed in separated areas, since radio frequency circuit can be separated into different parts when PCB circuit card Replicating which includes high frequency amplification, mix frequency, frequency adjustment and oscillation; and a shared electrical point should be provided for each one of the circuit block model

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