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PCB Board Reverse Engineering

The small input signal will request the receiver to be capable of significant amplifier functions when Pcb board Reverse Engineering, normally it will require 120dB high effect, under this high effect condition, any self-output decoupling terminal that revert back can probably has problem. The main reason for choosing external receiver structure is it can distribute the added effect into multiple frequencies, to reduce the ratio of decoupling. It also makes the first LO frequency different with the input signal frequency after Pcb board Reverse Engineering. And help to prevent the contamination of greater interference signal against the small input signal.

Due to various reason in the process of Pcb board Reverse engineering, in some of the wireless communication system, direct conversion or homodyne structure can replace the extra shape difference structure. In this structure, radio frequency input signal can be converted to the basic radio frequency under a single step after reverse engineering pcb board, as a result of that, the majority of the benefits are all embedded in the basic frequency, and LO accompany with input signal can be the same. In this scenario, designer must understand few of the coupling effect will establish stray signal path specific model, such as coupling through the basic substrate, coupling with footprint and bondwire, coupling through the power supply circuits when Pcb board Reverse engineering.

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