PCB Reverse Engineering Services

IC Chip Reverse Engineering Introduction

IC CHIP REVERSE ENGINEERING, is a process technology through the IC chip circuit extraction, IC chip circuit analysis, IC chip imaging and photography to realize the better understanding on IC chip schematic diagram, design solution, structure mechanism, etc.

In field of IC chip reverse engineering, our company is mainly focusing on circuit diagram modification, netlist and schematic diagram (circuit diagram) extraction, circuit layer modification, logic functionality analysis, layout extraction and design, design rule checking, logic layout verification, unit library replacement and subtraction of dimension, etc. Through the reverse engineering technology, we can help customers understand the design principle of other products, applied on the project availability research, open mind and find solution, cost analysis, etc. Such as before entering the new industry, evaluate, verify the availability of technical solution and design principle of customer’s own. Through the research and analysis of mature product, coordinate the generation of solution about critical technical problem, low down the bulwark to realize better product compatibility.

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