PCB Reverse Engineering Services

IC Chip Decapsulation

IC CHIP DECAPSULATION include X-RAY photographic, package decapsulation and remove die:

X-RAY photographic: Using the high penetration capability of X-RAY to take 2D or 3D IC chip photographic, under the pretext of no damage on IC chip capsulation, attain the information related to internal Die and Bonding. The IC chip sample is still workable after the process of X-RAY photographic; And we can also take the X-RAY photographic directly from printed circuit board without the necessity to dissemble IC chip off the printed circuit board;

Decapusulation: partial frontal surface plastic package of IC chip could be damaged for exposure of IC chip’s die and bonding to facilitate the application of microcopy.  Focused Ion Beam (FIB) can also applied for circuit modification;

Remove Die of IC Chip: Remove the capsulation of IC chip completely and obtain the naked die or bonding, make sufficient preparation for subsequent IC Chip delayer and IC chip coloration;

Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd has advanced facilities for decapsulation and sufficient experience, can decapsulate the different sorts of IC chip capsulation swiftly and safely. All the die and bonding connection to PAD from corresponding pinout will be preserved for subsequent FIB (Focus Ion Beam) operation.

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