PCB Reverse Engineering Services

PCB Reverse Engineering Sketches


Engineering sketches and specifications when reverse engineering PCB:

The objective of engineering sketchs and specification is to develop at this time may be used to draft the Level 3 drawings, control drawings, and other technical documents required for the preliminary technical data package.

The engineering sketches and specifications should provide the complete technical data requirements and circuit drawings, parts listings, component parameters, all input/output data, special requirements, special wave form drawings and timing information, and circuit layout required for end item production of all assemblies, subassemblies, piece-part/components, to produce a prototype of the item under consideration.

Test requirement specifications may include:

a. The scope of the requirement, which should state the purpose of the specification to be established;

b. Applicable documents, which should include the end item specifications (applicable service, Army, Navy, Air Force, etc), military standards, drawings, publications and non-government documents;

c. Requirements containing the functional characteristics of the circuitry, with applicable drawings and functional data, which should represent the overall operational parameters;

d. Quality assurance provisions, which should contain the inspection criteria.

e. All military standards, end-item specifications and test findings; and

f. An acceptance test should be formulated and documentation of standards and specifications should be included.