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Electronic PCB Card Replicating Anti-Interruption

The principle of anti-interruption when electronic pcb card replicating: depress the interruption source, cut off the interruption transmission route, improve anti-interruption sensible components’ performance:

1st of all, depreciate interruption source stands for the reduction of DU/DT, DI/DU as much as possible, and this is also the most priority and most important principle should be considered in the process of anti-interruption electronic pcb card replicating, reduce DU/DT can be implemented mainly through the two capacitors on the two parallel terminals of interruption sources. Decrease DI/DT of interruption source will come into practice through increase the sub-current diode or disrupt reverting route inductors when replicating electronic pcb card;

Commonly used measures of Depressing interruption source:

1, add a sub-current diode into the relay coils, eliminate the inverse electrical power interruption generated from the break off of coils. Only add the sub-current diode will delay the break-off time point of relay, but add voltage stability diode can make the relay have more activities within the certain amount of time scale;

2, Parallel connect the spark depression circuit on the two terminals of relays (normally RC series circuit, and the resistor will normally choose several K to several dozens of K, capacitance should choose 0.01uF) to alleviate the spark effect from electronic pcb card replicating;

3, add wave filtering circuit on the electrical generator and pay attention to the length of the capacitor and inductor’s leads;

4, each one of the IC on the electronic pcb card must parallel connect a 0.01uF to 0.1uF high frequency capacitor, to decrease the effect of IC against power supply;

Pay attention to the replicating electronic pcb card of the high frequency capacitor, and the connected wires which approach the power supply terminal must be as short and wide as possible, otherwise it will equal to the increasing of series resistance of the capacitor and affect the wave-filtering effect.

5, spare no effort to avoid 90 degree bend wire layout from PCB REVERSE ENGINEERING to reduce the high frequency noise radiation;

6, connect RC depressed circuits on both sides of silicon control to reduce the noise generated from the silicon control system since the silicon control unit could probably be breakthrough due to extremely high noise;