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Electronic PCB Card Remanufacturing Data Transaction

In the process of electronic pcb card remanufacturing, if the PCB is one of the constituted parts of the whole electronic pcb card system, then through the mother board signal execution can be proceed. When process the data transaction among main devices will have bus communication from electronic pcb card re-manufacturing. Digital circuit can go through the terminal circuit on the motherboard, except the connection with other interface on the PCB, digital interface can also work with external terminals and interfaces. Analog circuit can have analog signal exchange with the external environment, analog circuit set up A/D convertor when electronic pcb card remanufacturing, to avoid the noise interference from analog circuit against the digital interface, as a result of that, when install A/D convertor, keep it away from the digital interface become necessary.

The power supply of analog circuit must completely separate with the digital circuits and install insulately when electronic pcb card re-manufacturing, however, if the analog circuit’s power voltage is identical with the digital circuits, at the same time, the analog circuit’s noise is extremely, analog circuit can use partial digital circuit’s power supply when electronic pcb card remanufacturing, so it is necessary to install wave filter on the entrance of the analog power supply, to eliminate the noise from digital circuits.

As for the grounding, the digital unit and analog unit must conjunct into a point and then take advantage of the conjunction point from the patterns to design abnormal reverting route which can embed it with impedance, then use this impedance to have the separation effect on the digital and analog units after electronic pcb card remanufacturing.