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Electronic PC Board Remanufacturing Element

In the process of electronic pc board remanufacturing, transmission Line featured impedance is the most important aspect of electronic pc board remanufacturing.

In order to ensure the optimum signal quality, the target of signal interconnect design is to ensure impedance can remain consistency in the transmission process. hereby the consistency means the featured impedance will be maintained in the transmission line from electronic pc board remanufacturing. As a result of that, so the electronic pc board which has the featured impedance becomes more and more important in the manufacturing process. As for other electronic pc board remanufacturing tricks such as minimize the golden finger width, terminal matchment, chain connection and branch connection are all for the consistent transient impedance.

From a simple formulation we can derive the value of the featured impedance, signals can see the value of the transient impedance in the process of transmission. and the impedance be seen by the signal of the transmission space when remanufacturing electronic pc board is compliance with the definition of the impedance. And the equation is Z=V/I. and the V means the voltage the transmission line has received in the signal voltage, and the current I stands for the total electrons they received from the battery after electronic pc board remanufacturing. and the equation is I=δQ/δt.

In the process of signal transmission along the line, if the transmission speed on the line are all equal, and capacitance on the each length unit are all the same, then from electronic pc board remanufacturing we can always see the same transient impedance on the line. Since on the whole transmission line, impedance level can be kept in the same level after electronic pc board remanufacturing, a specific termination can be granted to this phenomenon to present this specific features or characteristic, which can be called as featured impedance on the transmission line. And hereby the definition of featured impedance is when signal is transmitting alongside the line, if the impedance on the line can always keep the same, then this transmission line can be viewed as a impedance transmission line from electronic pc board remanufacturing.