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Electronic Circuit Board Repair Charge Reference

Charge reference of imported and homebred electronic circuit board repair, electronic device:

A: REPAIR charge standard for original electronic device:

a) Device value below USD 2000, REPAIR charge account for around 45% of total device value;

b) Device value above USD 2000, but lower than USD 5000, REPAIR charge account for around 35-40% of total device value;

c) Device value above USD 5000, REPAIR charge account for around 30% of total device value;

B: REPAIR charge standard for those devices can’t estimate the price (such as SECOND-HAND or AFFILIATED device):

a) According to the size of electronic circuit board to calculate the price: USD 1.0/Sq.cm;

b) URGENT charge: +0.5~0.8USD/Sq.cm;

c) Double Sided electronic circuit board or above ( Multilayer ): +0.3USD/Sq.cm;

d) Package method is Surface Mount Technology (SMT): +0.3USD/Sq.cm;

e) Have CPU on the electronic circuit board: +0.2USD/Sq.cm;

f) Have solder resistor coating: +0.15USD/Sq.cm;

g) Customer can provide over 3PCS of GOOD or same electronic circuit board as reference: -0.3USD/Sq.cm;

h) If the quantity of components on the electronic circuit board isn’t too much: -0.2~0.3USD/Sq.cm;