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Noise & EMI Issue of Clone Printed Circuit Board of DSP System

In any high speed digital circuit design and Printed Circuit Board Clone, how to deal with the noise and eletro-magneitc interference has become a necessary challenge. Since the processing of audio and video / telecommunication signal’s digital signal processor is vulnerable to these interference, so it is critical to figure out the potential noise and source of interference, and take the measures as early as possible to minimize the interference when clone printed circuit board. since an excellent design plan can greatly reduce the time and energy we spent on the debugging as a result of that the design and Printed Circuit Board Clone time can be saved.


Nowadays, the fastest internal clock rate can as high as dozens of thousands of mega Htz of DSP, and the frequency of emitting and receiving signal can as high as several hundreds of mega hz. And these high speed switch signal can generate great amount of noise and interference when printed Circuit Board Clone, which can affect the systematic performance and generate EMI with high electrical level. And make the DSP system become more complicate, such as with the audio / video interface, LCD and wireless communicate functionality, Ethernet and USB controller, power supply, oscillator, driver controlling and other various circuits, all of these devices will have noise, and will be affected by the adjacent components after printed Circuit Board Clone. In the audio and video system is more likely to have the issues, since the noise can cause sensitive simulation functions deterioration but it is not very obviously difference for the discrete datas.

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